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The city of Moon Valley is being stalked by a savage killer that can move without sound, strike without warning, and whose howl contains a power granted only by the gods themselves. Lieutenant Hal Dillon is drawn into the killer’s grisly web, and as he uncovers the incredible mystery of the killer’s existence, he discovers something even more harrowing. He and the killer are united in a struggle against an enemy that has been stalking both of them for years.


Hal desperately runs from a shadow in his past which shrouds his every move. This shadow becomes all too real, and Hal has a dreadful feeling that the killer he is hunting could be the key to releasing the grip his past has on him. But, his demons will not go quietly, as they descend upon him, giving him no quarter even as he and his friends try desperately to hold off the carnage the killer has brought to their city.

As Hal and his girlfriend Sylvia uncover the truth, they encounter a mysterious drug enforcement agent. With her enigmatic background and steely demeanor, they don't know whether she can be trusted. But they quickly realize they may not have a choice. The lines between hunters and hunted, between allies and enemies, become blurred, as they are confronting powers that are beyond their understanding.

​Hal finds himself locked in an epic battle between the forces of chaos and death, where the only way for him to win may be to disavow his own humanity. Hal, Sylvia, and a group of friends now must face their ultimate fears, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.


"The visceral descriptions of the killer and the creepy atmospheric details of the woods form the meat of the plot and are the most intriguing parts of Pandey’s weighty novel. Here, Pandey examines the duality of man and the struggle of the human-versus-savage nature..."

-U.S. Review of Books

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